Hava-Pinhas Cohen

Hava Pinchas-Cohen is a Poet, a lecturer of Literature, and Art, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Dimui: A Journal of Literature, the Arts, and Jewish Culture

Hava Pinhas-Cohen is a Poet, a lecturer of Literature and Art, and Editor-in-Chief of Dimooy: A Journal of Literature, Arts, and Jewish Culture.

In 2007 she established and is the Artistic director of "Kisufim"- The Jerusalem Conference of Jewish Writers. With three successful festivals in 2007, 2009 and 2013, it is gaining acclaim.

In 1989 Pinhas-Cohen founded and has been of Editor-in-Chief of Dimooy: A Journal of Literature, Arts, and Jewish Culture.  This inter-disciplinary journal explores Jewish Culture and the ties between the Jewish and Israeli worlds, and the inner dialogues and its reflection in local literature, poetry, and the arts.

Her interst in inter cultural dialogue has brought her to be editor of Anthologies of Hebrew Contemporary Poetry in Bulgarian and Turkish. Currently she is in the process of publishing a Anthology of Slovenian poetry in Hebrew as co-editor with Barbara Pogacnik.

Pinhas-Cohen has published eight books of poetry. Her poems have been translated and appeared in various anthologies in English, French, Serbian-Croatian, Dutch, Greek, Bulgarian, Chinese and Spanish. In 2009 a collection of her poems was translated to Dutch and was published in Amsterdam. An English collection translated by Sharon Green (Toronto) will be published in U.S.A this year.

Hava Pinhas-Cohen is currently completing her PhD on the subject: turning from memory to fiction. Jewish writers after the holocaust.



My brother, The thirst, Hakibbutz Hameuchad.(Ritmus Series ) 2012.

Shviit, HaKibbutz Hameuchad, 2008.

The Gardner, the Bitch and the Slut, HaKibbutz Hameuchad (Ritmus Series), 2005.

Messiah,HaKibbutz Hameuchad (Ritmus Series), 2003.

Poems of Orphea,HaKibbutz Hameuchad, 2001.

River and Forgetfulness, HaKibbutz Hameuchad (Ritmus Series), 1998.

Journey of the Doe,HaKibbutz Hameuchad (Ritmus Series),1995.

Mostly Color, Am Oved, 1989.


A school of one man, A Dialogue with Israel Eliraz, Ten conversations about Poetry and culture with a senior poet.


 A selection of Robert Pinsky's Poetry, Mishkenot Shaananim production for Kisufim, 2013.


Editor and founder of: Dimooy: A Journal of Literature Arts, and Jewish Culture, since 1989.

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