Love Poems of a young woman

Sharon Green translated this two love poem from my first Poetry book to English. They will be published in Syracuse University Press 2015 .

  • Henry Moore

    After a while they are no longer bodies but spaces.

    When bodies touch one another and sweat has a smell

    and when black hair is tangled with

    other hair, and when fingertips encounter

    wrinkles, then ancient currents pass through

    these spaces and the weight of my body

    pulls me down on all fours, then Henry Moore knew

    me. Without make-up. Innocence, that’s a luxury

    for the rich. And experience, it’s a question of attitude

    Then, we are truly consoled.

    A Void

    He fell, not like a slow falling leaf

    He left a void behind him:

    –that’s how it’s said in spoken Hebrew

    This void is a hole causing cramps in his mother’s womb

    He had such a heavenly name:

    Alon Ben-Shachar.

    All the warmth that they gave him

    Went up in smoke, they thought it would protect him, at least

    Like a bullet-proof vest that offers protection for the future

    But it betrayed him and vanished.

    Nana Ben-Ari said that every night

    When she tucks in her four sons

    She counts them and never escapes

    The feeling that each white sheet is not

    Just a cloth, or a blanket, or a home.

    The activity answers back to her

    That perhaps it’s forbidden to waste the white color

    Each night, as if it’s an obvious thing.

    Every night is like snails dragging a house

    Full of painful thoughts.

    Misery can be singular or plural

    What place does it occupy when talking about

    The void

    It’s sealed in cinder block and cement

    Another purpose

    For an old house.

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